Ergonomic keyboards

I have spent a large chunk of my life typing on a keyboard, but I did not start having tingling and pain in my hands until I also began using a smartphone. In other words, repetitive stress was not bad enough until my posture worsened as well. Or it was only a matter of time… so I started looking into ergonomic keyboards.

In any case, I switched to the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard but that only helped for a while. My right hand was especially a problem because of the mouse use. I even tried switching the mouse to my left hand, but that was a disaster. During this time I also tried getting massages and chiropractic help, but that would only ease the symptoms for a while.

Next I tried some other keyboards like Typematrix 2030 and Kinesis Freestyle. In the meantime I also switched to a Mac Book Pro, and the trackpad was definitely better than a mouse. However, every change would only help for a while and the symptoms would return.

The only keyboard that finally had a lasting impact was Kinesis Advantage. The main reasons for that were:

  • unique positioning of keys
  • ability to place the keyboard in my lap when sitting
  • space in the middle for my trackpad (with some velcro)
  • they use it in Man in Black!

Now finally my right hand could be in a more natural position, and I did not need to move either arm too much while typing, clicking, or dragging.

Other things I did were exercises, stretches, walking, and the standup desk. Even with the standup desk I found it important to switch to sitting occasionally because when I would get tired I would end up slouching anyway.

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