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    1. On one hand, they sound the same, but we are working on including the flats in a way that would not complicate the game or make it harder.

    2. And now there are dedicated sharps days and flats days, though sometimes neither is used to keep things more interesting.

    1. Those are indicating the octave of the note. We have buttons for only one octave, and at the beginning those are C4 through B4. Some chords have some notes in the C5 to B5 range. Since notes in a chord always go up, once you use a note C for example, we make it so next time you use C it is actually a C5. By having these numbers show up, it becomes clear which note was played or will be played next time you use a given button. It also helps understand your results – maybe you played a correct note, but it was in the higher octave or in a wrong place or both, so you get an orange instead of green. By using 4 or 5 and those little arrows you get a better idea what was wrong in your guess.

  1. Today I could not get it to allow me to play c in the right octave and in the right place in the scale. Is there something else I should have done?

  2. My game does not reset (except for the hint option) and leaves the chord/attempts from the previous day. I have to manually clear the website’s browsing data if I want to be able to play again. Is there any way to fix this?

    1. I have noticed a similar issue in some browsers, but it goes away after I reload the page. What browser/device are you using?

    2. A recent update will detect when you have an outdated page from a previous day. It will notify and reload itself.

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