Mood-enhancing earphones

I just got these excellent Sennheiser headphones and I realized they have another feature in addition to great sound quality - they enhance your mood! The cable is kind of short, and if I have them connected to my (docked) laptop, my head gets yanked each time I reach for something. If I am in a good mood, I laugh about it. If not, well, they enhance that as well...

Zen To Done

Zen Habits is an excellent productivity-and-lot-more blog by Leo Babauta. Well, maybe you should not use "lot more" when talking about something "zen", but sometimes less is more. Or more is less? Anyway, he collected his posts about a simplified version (is simple less or more?) of Get Things Done (and more) and you can get it now as an inexpensive e-book.

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2007 DC PHP Conference Slides

I attended the 2007 DC PHP Conference few weeks ago. Still working on my notes to present what I learned to others at my company, but at least I can post links to all the presentations I found so far:

SphinxSearch Extension for MediaWiki

While helping maintain the New World Encyclopedia, I tried to install the LuceneSearch extension to replace the default MySQL-full-text-based search used by MediaWiki. Since our server did not come with any pre-requisites necessary for compiling and running Java applications, I spent quite some time on it, and still did not get it to work.

All of sudden (hint, hint,) a message came to the mediawiki developers list about a new search extension that uses Sphinx search engine. Installing Sphinx was a breeze! The extension was an initial "request-for-comments" version, so I started working with the author to spruce it up. You can see the results at NWE,, and SourceForge.

Joe's Goals

Just found a site very similar to what I wanted to make for a very long time. Signup at Joe's Goals and start tracking your daily goals in a simple, fun, and efficient manner. Plus you can make yourself accountable to the world by publishing a little graph on your website.

Definition of a snack

A snack is something you eat for no reason.

(Nina, 4)

How we increased the national talk-time average

Yesterday, our pastor mentioned that an average couple talks only 4 minutes per day. I tried to find that statistic on the Internet and found even worse numbers - some studies apparently indicate that married couples spend only 6 minutes per week in a serious discussion. I decided to put a stop to that and spent at least an our talking to my wife last night. You do the math - or even better - spend that time talking to your loved ones. Be above average!

Mozy - Free Online Backup

If you need a convenientonline backup, checkout Mozy. It lets you fine-tune when and what to backup. It even has some nice presets so you do not have to hunt for your email folders etc. Once you set it, you can forget about it. Beats uploading files to your own web server or gmail account. Best of all - you get your first two gigabytes free. Actually, if you follow this referral link you will get an extra 256 Mb right away (and I will get an extra Gb for every four people that do that :-))

Just got Joost!

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Thanks to Elaine Vigneault, I got a Joost invite. I will share any extra invites after I make sure my friends are covered. If you would like to be considered, leave a comment here (you will have to provide your name and email address, but the address will not be public.) at last

Signed up for few days ago. Their programmers contributed some code to memcached, one thing led to another, and now the whole world can know what I am listening. As I listen, tag, love or ban my music,'s software keeps track and after a while starts offering recommendations. Neat!