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This is a classic, of course, but I decided to post something about each site I link to. This is probably the first article I read on ALA site:

The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)

And for the reference, some of the character codes from the article:

  • – (– en dash is used to indicate a range of just about anything, etc.)
  • — (— em dash is used to indicate a sudden break in thought, etc.)
  • ‘ (‘ opening single quote)
  • ’ (’ closing single quote or an apostrophe)
  • “ (“ opening double quote)
  • ” (” closing double quote)

The first version of this post had a silly statement about WordPress needing some tool to help with entering the proper codes for some of these special characters. Well, thanks to a comment from Matt, I know better now 🙂

2 thoughts on “A List Apart

  1. WordPress actually creates those entities automatically using the Texturize engine. So just type normal text and your apostrophes, double- and triple-hypens, and elipsies should be transformed. Enjoy!

  2. Cool, thank you. One note though – in another post I wrote about an HTML attribute, and I typed plain quotes. Of course, Texturize had no way of telling that I did not want any transformations in this case. However, it only transformed the second quote into a curly one. I worked around this by using " for plain quotes.

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