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Download PECL Extensions for Windows

Last updated on 8/23/2019

UPDATE: I removed my previous content from here because someone copy-pasted it into StackOverflow. Google “thought” I stole it from there and “accused” me of hosting scrapped content… StackOverflow removed the offending content as soon as I reported it, but I did not want to risk Google comparing my site to some cached version they may have, and it was all outdated anyway.

The current state of affairs for downloading PECL extensions for Windows is still suprisingly bad. The only way I found (other than building your own) was to browse this list. Some of the extensions there will have zip files with compiled dll extensions. The substring “ts” in the name means “thread safe” and you can figure out “nts” on your own 🙂


  1. hi,

    Thanks for sharing this I badly needed this. Do you have the one for linux?

  2. One for Linux is not really needed, since it is easy to compile your own or whatever – just follow the official documentation.

  3. […] PECL extension ( is down, and apparently has been for a while), I stumbled across this blog post, which offers ZIP files of both thread-safe and non-thread-safe versions of all PECL […]

  4. budi

    thank you.
    very useful information.

  5. tnx

    that’s very useful.

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