Tunnelblick error (status 244) ocurred

This morning I got this message when attempting to connect to my VPN on OSX Mountain Lion:

An error (status 244) ocurred while trying to check the security of the … configuration.

Please quit and relaunch Tunnelblick. If the problem persists, please reinstall Tunnelblick.

It turned out that Verizon Wireless VZAccess tool I installed last night changed permissions of my /Applications folder so it is writable by any user. Tunnelblick makes sure that the folder(s) it is in do not have such lax permissions, so it would not connect until I did this:

sudo chmod o-w /Applications

Probably you would get the same result by running Repair Permissions, but I have never done that myself so I am not sure if that may negatively affect anything else on your system.

5 thoughts on “Tunnelblick error (status 244) ocurred

  1. You SIR are a savior, you just saved me a lot of time and frustration. This did the trick. tytyty

  2. Thanks a lot; I was trying to install Tunnelblick on OS 10.5.8 which required version 3.3.3 to begin with (and not the 3.4 beta), and was finally able to get the servers installed. Only to find out this same message … no idea what to look for …

    saved me a bunch of time. Thanks!

  3. Yup, it fixed the same problem for me. Who would think that excessive permissions would block execution? Normally it’s all the way around.
    Thanks for the great advice!

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